Why You Need to Find Your “Person”

my person, best friend, friendship, bestie, besties, person, relationship, best friends

my person, best friend, friendship, bestie, besties, person, relationship, best friends

What does that even mean?

I never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I’ve spent enough time on the internet to have seen lots and lots of memes, articles, and quotes about finding your “person.”  The term itself means something to the effect of, the person you go to for everything; your very best friend; the person you can be your true self with.  This is not meant to describe a romantic relationship, but the best friendship a person can have.  Outsiders might look at you and your person and question your sexuality, but that just happens when you are so comfortable with another human.  Your person is one of the most important people in your life, for a lot of reasons.

So Many Reasons

  • they don’t judge you, no matter how terrible you think you are
  • they tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear
  • you can trust the with anything
  • they stand up for you when you are unable to stand up for yourself
  • they make you laugh when you feel like crying
  • when you are crying, they hold you until you no longer need it
  • they don’t care if you look like garbage or if your house is a disaster
  • they put up with your anxiety, insecurities, grumpiness, anger, etc.
  • when you need to be heard, they listen
  • they reassure you in your decision making, but will tell you when you’ve messed up
  • they disagree with you when you make mistakes and forgive you for them
  • you can do nothing together and have the best time
  • they believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself
  • they challenge you and help you step out of your comfort zone
  • even if they don’t agree with you, they support your decisions
  • they say just what you need to hear and they’re quiet when no words are needed
  • they laugh at you and help you laugh at yourself
  • when you’re having a terrible day, they will bring you the best junk food and wine
  • they share their secrets with you and trust you to keep them
  • they dislike the same people you dislike, just because
  • you can come up with some really insane ideas and they will always be willing to help you
  • they keep their promises
  • they always laugh at your jokes, even when they’re really bad
  • having them by your side will ALWAYS make life more fun

My Person

I met my person about three and a half years ago.  It was totally unexpected and it happened pretty quickly.  I had started a new job, where I was actually her boss.  The first couple of week were a little awkward, but we became fast friends. She claims I didn’t like her at first, but I disagree.  From there, our friendship just continued to grow.  We just clicked.  It was a little strange because we were in such different stages of life.  We still are, actually.  But it has never mattered because we support each other exactly where we are each day.

I think there has only been a day or two in the past three years that we haven’t spoken in person or through text.  It just isn’t a normal day if we don’t talk.  We literally tell each other the most random things, but the really important things, too.  She was the first person I told when Lee and I found out I was pregnant, after two years of trying.  We cried on the bathroom floor at work for like an hour.  She was in the delivery room, bawling like a baby, when our daughter was born.  There have been a few times, when she’s given me a few too many drinks and I pay for it the next day.  She makes life more interesting and I’m happier because of her.  She’s one of the best humans I know.  She’s my person.

my person, best friend, friendship, bestie, besties, person, relationship, best friends

Find Your Person!

If you haven’t met your person yet, don’t worry.  You’ll find them when you least expect it.  I never would have guessed walking into my new job that I would leave with the best friendship of my life.  At first, you may not be sure if they’re the one, but over time, you’ll realize it.  You may even dislike them at first.  It takes a little time to break down each other’s walls, but it’s totally worth it.

Good luck!

my person, best friend, friendship, bestie, besties, person, relationship, best friends

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