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Increase the joy

Start living a life you love

Welcome, Mama!

1:1 Life & Biz Coaching is for motivated mamas who are willing to believe in themselves, dig deep, and work hard to achieve their goals. These mamas also KNOW they need extra support, accountability, and guidance from an expert coach. 

>> You have set goals in the past but didn’t have the accountability you needed to achieve them.

>> You’re tired of just being “mom” and you’re ready to start taking care of yourself and doing things FOR you.

>> You feel overwhelmed and stressed in your day-to-day and you’re ready for a simpler, more joyful life. 

>> You have an ever growing to-do list but you never prioritize yourself and your needs and you’re beginning to see the effects of that (yelling more, feeling depressed, zoning out completely, burying yourself in your phone, etc.)

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Imagine what it would feel like to...

Rediscover yourself, your passions and what truly lights your heart on fire

Have a vision for your life and what you want your future to look like

Have daily practices that allow you to practice gratitude, reflection, and being intentional

Feel positive about your role as a mother because you’ve regained a sense of self and identity outside of motherhood

Find joy in taking care of yourself

Be less overwhelmed and stressed by your to-do list

Use the strategies you’ve learned to take time for yourself without feeling guilty

Know how to ask for help and accept it when it’s offered

Feel calm, content, and immense love and joy with your family

What We'll Cover


We will identify thoughts, stressors, and anxieties that are holding you back and determining positive
thoughts and affirmations to replace them.

Self Care

We will discuss the importance of self care and create a self care practice that will help to refill your cup so you can continue to care for your family in a peaceful, loving way.

Passions + Joy

Together, we will work to rediscover the things that bring you joy and will determine the passions you should be focusing on.


We will evaluate where you are spending time, so we can determine what needs to go and what can stay, in order to make time for you, your passions, and your goals.

Goal Setting

We will determine short and long-term goals for you to be working toward to get you closer to your life vision, as well as an action plan mapping out your short-term goals.

It's your turn, Mama. It's time to make time for you and your joy.

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