Kidbox Review: It’s Mostly Love

Kidbox, Baby Box, Kid's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Style, Fashion, Kid Clothes

This post contains affiliate links.  For more information, see my disclosures here.What is Kidbox?

Kidbox is a “personalized style box” for kids.  They have clothing from newborn up to size 14.  You, or your child, take a style quiz and pick the style of clothing that your kiddos like and wear most often. In the Baby Box (newborn-24months), you receive between 5-8 items.  For the Kidbox (2T-size 14), you receive 6-7 items.  You’re child is able to try the items on, at home, for no charge.  You have seven days to decide if you will keep the items or not.  If you don’t want to keep them, return shipping is also free.  If you decide to keep the entire box, it costs $58 for the Baby Box and $98 for the regular Kidbox.  The price is substantially more if you only keep a few items.  There are five boxes available each year (spring, summer, back-to-school, fall, and holiday).  Kidbox will email you to ask if you want the next box, when they become available.   If you don’t want it, you are able to skip that shipment. You are, also, able to order more than one box per season, if you wish.

What I Love

We’ve gotten 3 boxes (1 spring, 2 summer), so far.  We kept the spring box and one of the summer boxes.  The style we had selected for those was “modern casual.”  The items in these boxes were ADORABLE.  I loved every single outfit!

Kidbox, Baby Box, Kid's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Style, Fashion, Kid Clothes

In each of the 3 boxes we got 4 outfits and an extra gift.  So, we actually got 9 items for $58.  I think that’s a pretty great deal considering the items we got.

All of the clothing is name-brand and high quality.  The brands we received were awesome, considering the price.  The clothing really feels like it’s going to last a while and we’ll get an entire season of wear from them.

You can exchange sizes FOR FREE!  I love this because Piper is small and I sometime have to size down.  If you’re at the end of the Baby Box sizes, you may not be able to size up because they likely don’t offer it in the toddler sizes.  But you can definitely try!

Kidbox, Baby Box, Kid's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Style, Fashion, Kid Clothes

If you decide to keep your entire box, Kidbox donates an outfit to a child in need.  You are able to select the organization you would like to help and Kidbox Cares will donate the clothing to them.  So, Piper and I have donated two outfits to children in need.

I LOVE the box and packaging.  They wrap each individual outfit in a piece of pretty tissue paper.  The inside of the box is like a coloring book, so older kiddos can color away.  We have gotten stickers of some sort with all three of the boxes we have received.  Before her first birthday, they sent us sets of the monthly growth stickers…do you know what I’m trying to say here?  Like there was a sticker for 1 month all the way through 1 year.  After her first birthday, they sent us alphabet stickers in her Baby Box.  Just a fun little extra thing.

What I Love Less

Sometimes, it takes a while to receive your Kidbox after you order it.  This isn’t really a HUGE issue, but something to be aware of.  Kidbox does clearly state it can take up to two weeks for your items to ship.

The items in the second summer box we received weren’t my favorite.  I switched Piper’s style to sporty athletic and I wasn’t a fan.  Other people would have probably liked them, so this is definitely more of a personal preference.

If you use the hashtag, #unpackhappy, you automatically give them rights to use your photo, without your permission or knowledge.  I wasn’t aware of this and when I hopped on Facebook one day, I saw one of my photos that I had shared on Instagram as their sponsored advertisement.  It is stated somewhere in their terms and conditions that if you used the hashtag, you gave permission, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on their website or Facebook page.  I actually contacted them directly to find it.  I wasn’t upset that the photo was used, just that I wasn’t made aware that it would be. They did contact me back and make it right, so I feel satisfied with the outcome.  They also said they would be changing their procedures, so others didn’t have to same surprise I did.

Overall, I think Kidbox is great and we will definitely continue to purchase boxes!  I hope you try it too! You don’t have to pay anything upfront, so there’s nothing to lose!  Try it out today! Get 10% Off your Kidbox order when you sign up to receive emails! Receive exclusive offers on kids clothing, styling tips & more. Sign up!

Kidbox, Baby Box, Kid's Clothing, Children's Clothing, Style, Fashion, Kid Clothes

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