Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

Holiday Gift Guide for toddlers, gift for toddlers, Christmas shopping, Christmas gifts for toddlers

Holiday Gift Guide for toddlers, gift for toddlers, Christmas shopping, Christmas gifts for toddlers

Holiday Gift Guide Information

We are 7 and a half weeks away from Christmas! The holidays are fast approaching and figuring out gifts to get those tiny people in your life can be challenging. To help with those challenges, I have created a series of Holiday Gift Guides. This is a gift guide for toddlers. There are also gift guides for babies, preschoolers, mamas, and daddies. Check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Babies, HERE. The others will be published soon. Included in the guides will be gender neutral (except for mama and daddy) toys, activities, products, etc. I will provide you with links to those products to help make shopping even easier! This is the second in the series: Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers. Enjoy!

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The Gifts!

ALEX Jr. Tots Art Start

This kit is a fun and simple way to introduce toddlers to easy art projects. There are six art activities with all of the needed materials. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

I know some people really dislike Play-Doh, but my daughter loves the stuff. She really enjoys playing with the tools that came with her Play-Doh set. It can be messy, but if she’s monitored and has a specific area to play in, she does great with it. Play-Doh is also good for fine motor skills, large and small muscle development, and eye-hand coordination. It’s a great stress reliever, as well. Mom and Dad should join in the fun!

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

We are big fans of building blocks in our home. Piper has enjoyed playing with her blocks for quite a long time. Early on, she mostly enjoyed knocking towers down or pulling towers apart. Now, she actually puts the blocks together. Blocks are great for eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

HABA Town Maze Magnetic Game

The recommended age for this is 2+ but Piper loves magnetic mazes. Right now, she’s not doing the activity “correctly,” but she’s working on a correct grip, eye-hand coordination, and is having fun. That’s all I can ask for.

These toys are a blast!

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

We actually just bought this to give to Piper this year. I think she is going to love it! Not only is it adorable, but from reviews, it seems like it’s high quality. I’m really excited to give this to her! It does come in other colors, as well, if you aren’t interested in the blue.

Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-On

We have the Minnie Mouse version of this ride-on toy. Piper was a bit scared of the spinning propellers when we first got it, but she warmed up to it quickly and now scoots herself around the house on it. This toy does have lights and sounds, so just be aware of that. I’m a fan of quieter toys, so this one sometimes gets put away for a little bit, before coming back out. It can be used outside, as well, but it is getting chilly here.

More fun!

Innocheer Kids Musical Instruments – Tambourine Set, ASTM Certified and FDA Approved Toddler Musical Toys

While I just said I prefer quieter toys, I do love exposing our daughter to music and musical instruments. We have quite a few instruments at home and I’m always looking to add more. This set has a great variety of instruments to try.

Hohner Kids MP400 – 16″ Plastic Rainbomaker

This goes along with the instruments. Piper loves rain sticks! She uses them correctly, too. This one is the 16″ version, but they also have an 8″ version for younger kiddos.

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube – Classic Wooden Toy With 12 Shapes

Shape sorters are great for learning shapes and colors, working on eye-hand coordination, counting, and more. You really can’t go wrong with a shape sorter. Melissa & Doug toys are high quality and reliable, so this is a great gift to give.

Big Joe Cuddle Chair

Piper has a few different chairs that are her size. She really enjoys climbing into them with books and “reading” for a little bit. When she’s sleepy, she cuddles up in one of them. I think she just likes that they are her size. We don’t have this exact chair, but I have had Big Joe chairs in the past and they were really comfy.

My Favorite Items!


Books are always a winner in our house. Piper spends lots of time “reading” her books to Cooper, her puppy brother. We often get books shoved in our lap to be read, too. I love her love for books!

ezpz Happy Mat – taking the mess and stress out of mealtime

Like the Mini Mats I shared in the Holiday Gift Guide for Babies, These Happy Mats are great for older kiddos. We still use our Mini Mats, but as we approach age two, we will likely graduate up to the Happy Mats. The great thing about these mats is that kiddos can’t throw their plates on the floor! What’s more to love? They come with a really nice storage bag, so you can throw it into the diaper bag or in the car. ezpz also just released their Care Bears collection which is adorable! They offer FREE shipping to the US, too!


Time to Shop the Gift Guide for Toddlers!

You’ve got about 7 weeks left shop. If you are shopping for a baby, make sure you check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Babies. Now it’s time to shop! Make sure you come back to check out the holiday gift guide for babies, preschoolers, mamas, and daddies.

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Holiday Gift Guide for toddlers, gift for toddlers, Christmas shopping, Christmas gifts for toddlers

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