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I’m Allie, a wife to my high school sweetheart, mama to our two sweet girls, crafter and creative, leader of From Surviving to Thriving: A Group for Moms, on Facebook, rockstar planner and organizer, and goal crusher! 

I grew up with a calling on my heart to serve others, to create community and foster connection. I grew up knowing that I wanted to empower, encourage, and support others. This led me down the path of teaching and working for a local non-profit, dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women. I worked there for a few years, but once my oldest was born, my priorities shifted. I just wanted to be home with her, so we figured out a plan and made that happen. 

I had been a stay at home mom for about a year when I started really feeling frustrated, restless, overwhelmed and stressed. Our oldest was about 3 years old and the baby was about 6 months old. My husband was working A TON at his job during this time. That meant zero time for mama. No rest time. No me time.
I was resentful that my husband got to leave the house for 12 hours a day and then come home to spend a few hours with the kids and then sleep, while I was in it all day and all night. He was always telling me to find a babysitter for the girls so I could get a break, but I felt like I didn’t deserve a break and I felt guilty spending money on a sitter, when I wasn’t making any money. I was NOT being the mom that I wanted to be and that led to more guilt. It was terrible. 

So I made the necessary changes...

I created habits and routines and started setting goals for myself (make back Usborne Books investment, pay off debt, run a 5k, no added sugar for the month of October, etc.).
I started a freelancing business from home doing Pinterest management for female entrepreneurs which took off right away and was so AMAZING! I literally started August 14th and by October 1st, I was making over $1,000 a month!
By setting and achieving these goals, that restlessness started to disappear and I felt such pride in myself and the work that I’ve done to reach them.
My girls see their mama working for something and doing what it takes to succeed.
I feel like a better mom when I take time out of my day (even just 30 minutes) to work on my goals and myself.
As much as the freelancing was great, my heart wanted to be doing more and having more impact. I feel called to help and empower other women.
It took me about a month to decide I NEED to do more, so I hired a coach and she helped me determine what my true passions and skills are.
I started my life and goal coaching practice shortly after and have been helping mamas create more time for themselves in their own life so that they feel more confidence, purpose, and joy in their life.
If you’re a mama that’s feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed, and stressed and you’re ready to make some simple changes that will have a big impact, you’re in the right place.
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It's your turn, Mama. It's time to make time for you and your joy.

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